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Default Update on Uncle Don....

Uncle Don does have cancer of the brain. He will begin chemo and radiation soon. Sean spoke with him today and shared Carroll's experience and he thanked Sean for sharing that with him and said that he would certainly keep that in mind when his treatments begin. He worked with Carroll and I for some months the end of last year. They have moved him to the therapy ward so that he can start therapy on his left side. The symptoms are mimmicking a stroke, so they are going to work on therapy to help him get better use of his left side. So, he is still in the hospital.

Sean said that he is very upbeat but that he said he was not in control now. And Sean corrected him on that and said that it would be his choice in how to respond to all of this as to how he will ultimately experience it. He told Sean he was exactly right. Sean was echoing back to Uncle Don what we both have been telling Sean. Guess we all need a reminder when we are in that position, huh?

Anyway, all is good and we are moving forward. Thanking for all for your continued support and loving healing energies.

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