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Default For Gentle Rick

Thank you Rick for posting this fascinating article. As you know I am a relatively astrology ignorant retard (was never too fond of all the calculation part) but, I did find this description of Chezhevsky's hypothesis really fascinating. If stars are really ruling our events then why not sun spots as well? Seems this guy was really onto something.
Feels like we are now somewhere between a two or three period now or maybe after the events this week in Egypt erupting in such an unexpected way we are in the three...which to those of us really into Peace On Earth is very disquieting to say the least. And look at the poor Syrians with this heavy duty hard core attempt to take over there by Muslim extremists which really got more involved just yesterday.
Maybe full disclosure is closer than we think! Wouldn't that be a grand hoot to see millions of saucers landing from everywhere imaginable in the universe to really stop all this madness and destruction? War is so stupid and tacky anyway!
I am charmed by your boldness.

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