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Default The circle reveals meaning

When I imagine a circle, seeing both its boundaries and the space within the boundaries I believe I am perceiving both the male and female aspects symbolically. The presence, expression, or reality the boundary of the circle denotes, or encapsulates is an aspect of totality that would not otherwise be experienced. The circle is a form, a symbol, or reality that manifests “something” I can experience, identify and know consciously. To me, the form, the activity, drama or symbol that enacts the “something” is the feminine. In contrast, the otherwise formless “something”, that is perceived by way of the existence of the circle’s expression, is the masculine. The created duality reveals the essence of each individually and the “one,” when unified, or harmonized as a working totality.

An interesting way to understand the balance between the male and female aspects would be to consider the activity, or drama of breath. Symbolically when one breaths outwardly the essence, or intelligence that sustains life is breathed into existence thereby bringing the masculine presence into form. On the other hand when one breaths inwardly one abstracts or draws back into non form the information, or intelligence gleaned from the experience of the feminine expression. Interestingly you see that the masculine becomes the feminine and the feminine becomes the masculine.
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