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Great interview Shirley !Thank you. This issue absolutely does not get enough debate and it seems when it comes up so many shy away from it. I, too have been real concerned about this for a number of years and have clearly seen chemtrails both in the Palm Springs area and in Los Angeles, where it is very clear to me that in recent months this spraying has definitely been increased.
When I first saw them while visiting a desert wildlife museum near Palm Springs, I pointed them out to the environmental engineer I was with and he kept saying the they were contrails yet... these were clearly moving vertically from ground to sky(or vice versa) and not horizontally. He refused to listen. I am writing this as some here may not have seen them and the difference between contrails and chemtrails is very, very clear. In LA the sky resembles kind of a cris crossed checkerboard not the obvious horizontal contrails.
We might start by making some real noise by writing all of our representatives not only in Washington but, local ones as well and demanding some explanations. I've checked out HAARP and their site is extraordinarily elusive. We might flood them with mail as well... because if for 15 years Mr.Carnicom 's questions have been ignored (probably because he does have the background in science and specifically in Chemistry)...then it is as you demonstrated very clear most likely one of the greatest subterfuges in the history of mankind. The kind of money going into black ops kind of things is no doubt being served up by the taxpayers of many countries, who do deserve to know just what we are financing and/or what those in charge actually have as their prime directives.

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