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Default For Sister Lura

What heart-saddening news to learn of coming back from my off-line hiatus during my move! Oh my dear friend, I will miss you so much Lura. Although our paths have crossed for only a brief time, I am honored to have known you and so enjoyed our email exchanges. You are a wonderful Light on these boards and I along with all here so appreciate your wisdom, humor, support and prayers for all requesting them. Thank You!

I join all here in surrounding you with the energies you most need for your highest good, and may that include peace and the ease of pain.

Dearest Lura, float gently on the soft and soothing Waters, and let them carry you lovingly and peacefully Home to the welcoming and loving arms of your Creator (if this is the healing you seek). And if it is, when you arrive sweet Lura, be not surprised at the brilliance that surrounds you ... for it is just a reflection of your own Light and Love in all Its Glory!!!

Peace to you always, my dear friend...

Blessed Be,
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