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Default Oh dear Lura

Dear soul

Sending prayers to Lura,..may she have a peaceful transition, and light.

And to all my dear friend....lets make a circle of LIGHT,..from Heart to Heart, to know we are a huge Family WHO know we are for each other, that we are oneness...and stick together when one of us need healing, good energy. or just a smile.....our energy is SO strong,..that we can feel each other..doesn't matter where we are in the World..and this chain of LIGHT we all have a part of...will lighten up..for the person WHO need it.....and today it is our love and prayers for Sister Lura...she will always SHINE..and radiate love, her soul is strong and lovely.

So take my hand,...and let us make a strong chain by all of us, to remember we ARE all connected.

Love Ulla
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