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Default Oh no....

This just can't be happening, can it? Are we losing our light that is Sister Lura? She was with us such a short time and has become loved by so many....

My dear sweet Lura, there were so many times when I read a thread and kept silent because what you wrote spoke so eloquently for me. Your voice left nothing for me to add, yet I was satisfied that my thoughts had been spoken. You always knew just what to say, what advice to offer, what hope to give.

It grieves me that you are in pain. I pray that you find relief. And I am praying for a miracle that you defy the odds and beat this thing. If God is calling you home, then I guess you will leave us behind. I hope he shares you with us a bit longer. As I said, this was such a short time. You quickly became one of my favorite people on this site and it won't be the same without you here. Your essence is ineffable. I love you, Lura. I will miss you dearly. Cher O.
HAND, Cher O.

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