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Default The Big Elephant

The Big Elephant
by Deb Abbott

The Big Elephant saw in her dreams
All the Matriarchs heads bowed and pushing forward
Together, they were able to move a mountain
In order to obtain the healing of a village.

That was her dream....

When she awoke, she knew something magnificent
Had occurred and she wanted to know more
But the more she probed, the less she learned
It was when she stopped that the message came to her.

Some things are not meant to be mentioned beyond their doing
Some things are simply meant to be in the flow of all that is
For when we attempt to know them, we damage them in some way
And they are not able to be in the simplicity that they were made.

So, it is that we must simply accept sometimes, the flow of being
And to "allow" it to simply be. And in the doing so, so do we allow
The full and complete healing of the situation that is being considered
And in the doing so, a whole new realm opens up to be involved in

This new awakening.....

Love, Deb
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