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Smile Hi Jeffrey

Hi Jeffrey and all

Hey it s some good questions .. I have often been thoughtful when some spoke of reincarnation .. I think you can do many things .. in this universe when traveling around with the soul and reincarnate ... with the free will. Perhaps it could "just" be our own consciouesnes that guides us /the soul around, and "read" other people's minds .. so you do not have to incarnate.

For Myself I do not feel I have been here on this planet before.
I remember where I came from, and is aware of where I should go back to when the time comes to it, maybe all of us who are on this Earth, could the task be learning's acceptance of each other's religions. where I "belong "is there no form of religion, yes oneness, love, .. understanding of eternity.

But I'm sure many have been here before, there are really some that can describe the life they have lived in other countries. etc.etc ...

I have my healing, what I see,..and and what I believe in.

And I understand why ..others dont,...or cant understand all this.

I think that we all have different karma, visions, even though we are incarnated now, in the same timeline. Could be why so many discusions World wide,...about incarnation.....and what about all the "walk ins",..they have another missions,..they have never been here before,...and what could be theirs missons?? so many questions for all of us LOL.

Have a wonderful is my Little drawing of The Flying Pearls...
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