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Default Citizens Hearings on Disclosure

Hi guys! Been a while since I've been onboard here.Missed ya! I've been spending oodles of time watching the archived videos of the Citizens Hearings on Disclosure at the National Press Club in Washington D.C. Apr. 29-May 3rd 2013.Tons of incredible info presented by the most credible people from all walks of life,some who have talked with Shirley ,here on, to the panel of retired and highly efficient and intelligent congressmen and women. Their final conclusions are amazing .I only hope that their suggestions are taken to heart and I am busy scanning the Net to see if their requests will be presented to the UN as advised by the panel. If you ever had any doubt that UFOs/ETs existed I'm sure the videos archived here will help you come to a more solid conclusion.It costs $3.99,not a big amt. for what is available. And yes Dr.Steven Greer's film Syrius, is really cool!! Will have to stay tuned for more development on their next project. Be well,Renny
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