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Thank you all so much for the kind responses. Rick, when you say you have more trouble with faith, is it a higher power that you question? Just curious.

Deb, that is quite a deep response and I appreciate it. I understand what you mean about someone telling you that you've been reincarnated. When it happened to me I was on the street, weeping, in a sort of semi-meditative state of bliss. This happened back in 2004. The man I met on the street began a conversation with me about past lives. Earlier that year and leading up to the day I met him, I was thinking that God was trying to tell me something and reincarnation was a part of it. That is, during the spring of 2004 I was feeling and having strong emotions about the subject, but I had difficulty discerning the message. Then a few months down the road, I have the conversation with this fellow on the street. Coincidence? What are you guys feelings on coincidences?

For me, I have faith in a grand plan, but obviously I believe in a soul's free will. There is a kind of gray area in there where we do what we want but God in my mind is still working his plan.

Brit, could you tell me more about how your parents reconciled it? If it's too personal no worries. I believe I've done so in my own mind. It's just that most all Christian churches don't hold a belief in reincarnation. Would you all say that it's more like that kind of Eastern philosophy is rejected by those who proclaim they are Christians?

I have read about a study that I think was done in the 90s which said that 1 in 5 Christians believed in or at least weren't sure about reincarnation.

To be honest with you all, I'm really secure in my beliefs even if I can't find a church that fits them all in.

Again thanks for the responses and I look forward to more chatting with you all.


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