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Originally Posted by Fess
..I'm new to Shirley's site but wanted to greet those of you who are members. Lots of interesting subjects on the site but reincarnation is one that I have really strong feelings about. That is, I believe that I have been here before on earth. I feel that perhaps I've been here many times, which probably does not make me unique from many others here.
I have a couple of questions I'd like to pose as I'd love to get some feedback. First, is there anyone else out there who has a hard time reconciling their belief in reincarnation with their faith? That is the case for me. I'm a Christian but I believe in reincarnation and I'm sure most of you would know that these two things don't jive, for lack of a better term.

Secondly, has anyone here ever been told by another soul that they were the reincarnation of someone? This has happened to me while I was having other spiritual experiences as well. In that context, it was an extremely powerful moment in my life.

Anyhow, I'd love to hear stories from others on the site and also see what the responses are to my questions. Take good care all.

Hi Fess,

In my experience of knowing, there is not only reincarnation of coming back again and again but there is also the existance of multidimentional simultaneous lives. We, in this time frame, think of continuous lives in linear time. When actually, all is occurring in "circular" time where we exist in different dimensional "times" all at once, simultaneously.

I personally don't hold to someone else telling me that I was a reincarnation of someone else. I go within to discover that for myself through meditation. So much is revealed through meditation within oneself. We don't need another to tell us anything. We hold all of our "truths" within ourselves.

I had to edit to put this in about religions. I don't participate in manmade religions because they separate all of us. Yes, I was raised a "Christian" but then through my research, I found that the "Bible" was fabricated by man to instill fear and control. What I know of God and the Christ Consciousness is simply "Love". So, I guess you could say I'm into Love.

Welcome here and welcome these discussions.

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