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Default Update with Sean T.

Sean is laughing and joking and having a good 'ole time in his situation. He is making the best in his circumstance. And I am so very proud of him. He is sending loving healing energy to his uncle instead of worrying about him. It is amazing the difference when we "choose" to be in a positive mode and how that effects, not only ourselves, but those that we are sending energy to. I so realized that I can't send positive loving healing energies to someone if I am "worried" about them. So, I have to choose if I want to be of benefit to another or a detrement. If I worry about someone, I am sending them negative energy and they are picking that up.

We are all vibrational energy beings and thoughts are energy. I have "so" learned this. I so "know" this now.

So, I am ever conscious of what "thoughts" I am sending to others.

Thank you all for your continued prayers and loving intentions.

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