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Default Deb, I agree with Di,

and you should be nominated for sainthood! When you told me of Sean's accident, I was so sorry for you both.... It has so been one thing after another. But thru each thing you look for the best, as if each incident were a blessing in disguise. Your positive attitude, your optimistic outlook, are lessons for the rest of us. I, for one, really appreciate my life, thanks in large part to how you help me see it, the beauty of it, the value. We don't have to let even big problems knock us off our feet, but if they do, just get back up again. Examine what you learned from that and go on. Thank you, my friend, for being the ever-shining example of how to live happily. I treasure every moment I have known you. Love, C.
HAND, Cher O.

My father says almost the whole world is asleep.
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He says that only a few people are awake and
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