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Default Thank You All!

Again, thank you all for your participation in our healing journey. Sean does not have to have surgery at this time on the broken femur. It is aligned correctly for healing, so they will take x-rays weekly and send to Dr. Nana to make sure there is no "shifting". If there is shifting, he will do surgery to realign. When this heals, then Dr. Nana is going to do a knee replacement which should enable Sean to have more mobility in his knee which will assist in his walking. So, this is what we are looking at as the "Silver Lining". Dr. Nana was able to see that Sean has developed arthritis in that knee making it impossible for him to bend the knee enough to walk on it.

Anyway, Sean is now back at the facility with a long brace cast on his leg and he does have to use the leg extension on his wheelchair. His spirits are up and he is doing well.

Again, thank you all so very much for your continued support.

Love you all,
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