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Default Embracing your vibrations!

Hello to all my wonderful friends here on Again, I am requesting your attention in Sean's regard. Yesterday, he had a freak accident in his wheelchair that resulted in the breaking of his leg - the femur right above his knee. His therapist came to get him to take him to physical therapy. She asked if he wanted the leg extension on his wheelchair, he declined. He had his heavy boot cast on his right leg and she was pushing him rapidly down the hall, they were talking when Sean let his leg drop and the boot caught on the floor and instantly pulled his leg back under the wheelchair and pop, pop, pop!!!! He screamed in agony!!! Yes, broke his femur right above the knee!!!

He is in the hospital and they did a cat skan today. Dr Nana will determine the next step from the results, where that be surgery or setting it.

Anyway, Sean and I discussed looking for the "Silver Lining" in this experience. We thought that if Dr Nana does surgery, maybe he could make adjustments on the knee so that Sean could have more range in motion.

We had a wonderful discussion today about how much easier it is on me when Sean has a positive attitude. He said he tried to imagine what it would be like for me if he had a bad attitude. We discussed how "We Are Loved" and that "All is Well". We agreed that after going through all that we have, that there is nothing that we cannot overcome. We agreed that we are in this life to learn and grow in our knowing that there is nothing that we cannot overcome.

What a beautiful experience we are having together. My son has taught me so very much about overcoming pain. I told him today how very proud I am of him for his courage and his strength, but mostly for his positive attitude. He thanked me for my positve attitude. He said that he had tried to imagine me dealing with him if he had a bad attitude. I told him that I couldn't handle it, I probably wouldn't be around very much or for very long.

I am so very proud of my son for being the best that he can be in this moment. I read him some of the book today that Kata sent to him, "The Fifth Agreement". It helped him to close his eyes and rest. Then he said, "That is really good." We would recommend it to anyone.

Anyway, my lovely beings, thank you for continuing to hold us in your favor and lend us your loving energies. We so most appreciate it. We will be just fine because of that.

Love you all,
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