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Default Healing energy request for my cat

I wasn't sure whether to put this request here or the healing circle, but I have a sincere request that whoever can spare a little healing energy, please send some to my cat, Alvy. He is 15 years old, has supported me through graduate school, law school, the premature loss of his feline partner, Annie, and devastating premature loss of my dear friend, Anita.

Alvy is not doing well. He has some sort of dental trouble that is preventing him from eating, and my ridiculous work schedule and the equally ridiculous office hours of the vet do not allow for a vet appointment until Wednesday.

If some of you could direct a bit of healing energy to a little sweet old cat in the Midwest that the pain ease until at least Wednesday and that he try to eat when he can, I would really appreciate it.

Namaste from the Midwest,
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