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Default Dear Matthew.....HELP !

Our beloved Earth family, billions of souls want the same as you, to live in a peaceful world where everyone’s needs are plentifully met, where all leaders are wise and honorable and life is in harmony with Nature.
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Dearest Matthew,

Our beloved Earth family is and has been in very bad shape for centuries.
What is taking us so long to understand that we are all brothers and sisters, and are all divine parts of God's kingdom. There is so much evil and darkness within our souls and within the world we live. Can it be that our true nature is evil and dark? It is possible that our genetic foundation is corrupt? Could this be the main reason why we are on such a long and hard karmic journey of lifetime after lifetime? Since we are all parts of God, could it be possible that God has a karmic path too? Can the process of karma be corrupt?

Shirley Maclaine once stated that she thought I am a frustrated Lemurian soul. I think she may be right !

I know there is so much love, light, beauty and divinity in the world, within myself and within everyone else. However, for some reason it seems easy to get lost in the madness of this crazy world.

I always remember what the brilliant Marianne Williamson once said, "The only safety in life is to know that you are safe." When I remember this, I turn to myself and know I am safe, and that the world is a safe place.

Please tap into my energy and the energy of the world.
Much Love,
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