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Default The Big Elephant

The Big Elephant
by Deb Abbott

The Big Elephant awoke amidst a pouring Rain
Lightening striking, Thunder answering
Ripples of Energy washing over her
She mellowed into the Blend.

There was something about a Storm
That she truly loved, something akin
To her own heart, a soft fierceness
That guided her through her journey.

In the midst of Fury was revealed
The true steel of the heart
Either run and hide
Or walk boldly into the Wind.

And in her walking boldly did she find
The Courage that she had so often
Counted on to join her in in these times
An old friend she held close to her heart.

Courage accommpanied her then on this night
As they stood together to test the Wind
The Big Elephant knew that it was best
To hold her ground yet sway with the Wind.

And in her doing so, the Wind ceased interest
And went swiftly on its way.
She turned to Courage and gave a soft embrace
As they both felt renewed once again.

Then they both went skipping off together singing
We did it again, we did it again...
Hahahahha what a beautiful scenerio
The Listening and The Blend.

Love, Deb
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