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Default Mom's Passage

A call in the night, your mother has passed
A sigh breaks my lips, her soul's free at last
From a life that became so confusing and sad
Now she's crossing the veil, to be with my dad
I hope when death came, it was gentle and swift
And she wasn't afraid - how I prayed for that gift
I hope when she's seeing her life in review
She's treated with kindness, understanding too
She did what she could with the cards she was dealt
As she battled and struggled with the fears that she felt
Her life wasn't easy, she'd said it enough
Her boat was too small, and the seas were so rough
And now that her journey has come to an end
I'll picture her happy, and young once again
So thanks be to God, whose love is so grand
That he'll bless her and keep her - in the palm of his hand.
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