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Default World Peace and Prayer Day 6/20-23

From Chief Arvol Looking Horse:

World Peace and Prayer Day/Honoring Sacred Sites

Mitakuyape (All My Relations)

Since the birth of the white buffalo calf, Miracle, in 1994, we have
witnessed many changes upon Mother Earth. We have followed spirit and the prophecies of these times, sharing a solution of joining "All Nations, All Faiths, One Prayer" with the World for 18 years.

In our Prophecies of the White Buffalo Calf Woman, she foretold of the white animals being born, that would be a sign upon Mother Earth. We are supposed to be the voice of their warning. Mother Earth would speak through them, to prepare and to unite with our energy of prayer, no matter what the people╣s beliefs are in the Creator. We are now in that critical era of time; where all faiths will be challenged to realize that Mother Earth is our source of life, and not just a resource!

Recently, I made a call to our Buffalo People and other Nations of beliefs, to come together with the White Buffalo Calf Bundle to bring a healing and protection back to Mother Earth; she is sick and has a fever. We also prayed to relieve the suffering of the animals from the drought that was in our territory. Since the ceremony, the Wakiyas (Thunder beings) have blessed us with plenty of rain. Our prayers were received and the animals will live.

As we journey back to our Sacred Sites to unite on June 21st, we again are reminded of the Earth Changes and Global disasters we are facing. Again, I share the message; we are at the Crossroads, either we face a lot chaos, disasters, and tears from our relatives╣ eyes, or we can unite spiritually as a Global Community. Together, our prayers will be received.

I humbly ask you to pray with us on this day, because right now we cannot see 7 generations to come We can no longer sit back and depend on others to save our children, we all have that responsibility. The outcome is your hands!

In A Sacred Hoop of Life, Where There Is No Ending and No Beginning!

Hec'el oinipikte (that we shall live)

Chief Arvol Looking Horse, 19th Generation Keeper of the
Sacred White Buffalo Pipe


"Sometimes you think you've lived before, all that you live today. Things do come back to you as though they knew the way. Oh, the tricks your mind can play." - Lorenz Hart
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