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Sean was a 100 times better today!!! Oh yeah! Made my heart happy!!!!
I got us this wonderful Mexican Dinner from our fav restuarant along with some new summer digs of shorts and t-shirts. Sean was just glowing. It looks like he finally made the crest and is on the way to recovery from this "Cellulitis". Whew....

Interesting that we are honing our telepathic communications and it is amazing. He is sending me mental images and I am so picking up on them everyday. We have proven this over and over again. Today was the best when I took in a white T-shirt and Blue Shorts and Sean said that everything that he has been imagining is coming true. As well, he sent me a message to contact a friend of his. I got that this morning but waited until I confirmed it with him when I went to see him. He said, "Mom, this is amazing, everything that I am projecting in thought, you are getting."

BTW, Sean's cell phone died (we have another coming in the mail) and he does not have internet access where he is right now (coming soon). So, we have been relying on telepathic communication and have found it to be very successful. Truly amazing....

Anyway, he is feeling so much better and we had a wonderful day today and planning on another wonderful day tomorrow. We are planning on his having a home trip next Saturday. We are going to cook, eat and watch movies all day. That will be great!!!

As always, thank you all for your wonderful prayers and loving intentions to assist us in this journey of "healing".

Love you all,
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