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Default Thank you Wolfdog

I appreciate your kind words. I am so Thankful to have Baby and Emily (2 cats) to keep me busy and to give my Love to. Baby is starting to get used to the idea that Billy is no longer on this side of the veil.

I Thank you also, my cyber family, to be there when we feel pain. Wolfdog, when you say that you understand how I feel, and I know that all of you also felt the pain of loosing a fur baby, makes me feel like I am not alone, but a feeling of belonging. Thank you for that.

Love and hugs

Originally Posted by Wolfdog
Dear Pema,

Sending you a hug through the ethers. There is nothing harder than being forced to make a decision like that. I think that Shelley is right, if the vet makes that decision, there is usually no option but allowing a precious pet to struggle in pain for a few more days or weeks longer. I have had to have two of my "babies" put to sleep ( against my will) and really know how you feel. In time you will feel better.
But, like Jordan reminds us...we will see our beloved pets again. I believe that Billy knows how much he has been loved and is with you now in Spirit. It is also possible that he will return to you in this life in another form.

Much Love,
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