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Just have a few moments here before I've got to jump into the flow of my work day, but wanted to respond briefly.

You sound like you may be a devotee of Carlos Castaneda? Me too! What have you read of his? The Teachings of don Juan? The Fire Within?

I just read a sentence in The Secret Life of Plants that made me smile and think of this thread (and this entire Encounter Board community):


"Perhaps the elements of memory in plants are superficially treated," Soloukhin writes, "but at least they are in black and white! Yet no one calls his friends or neighbors, no one shouts in a drunken voice over the telephone: 'Have you heard the news? Plants can feel! They can feel palin! They cry out! Plants remember everything!'" (p. 72).

I love that line. I feel that this EBoard is a space where we are shouting these wonderful discoveries with childlike wonder and excitement!

Didn't mean to get off topic there, but just had to share.

Now . . . into the day . . .

Namaste from the lovely California shores of Santa Monica,
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