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Stephanie, I believe that nature is a great mystery. I want to be able to see into this mystery like a shaman. Too bad that only little bits of the mystery get revealed at a time.

I think that apple trees are powerful. When I got Ted Andrews book on shape shifting, I had a vision of a unicorn. Its horn was touching my root chakra. In mythology, unicorns like to lye beneath apple trees - also pomegranate trees. I eat apples every day. They are cleansing.

I have learned a lot from Michael Phillips book about growing organic apples. Since the 90's there have been many breakthroughs in creating organic pest protection for fruit trees. One is the creation of a clay called "Surround" which you spray on the trees when the blossoms fall off.

It prevents some bugs from getting the fruit. It also acts as a sunscreen in southern climates. Neem oil is another product that is a great boon for pest protection and fertilization. Effective microbes sprayed on the trees is another breakthrough. Maybe someday all tree fruits will be grown organically.

In this time of a lot of change, there seem to be a lot of creative solutions to the many problems we are currently faced with.
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