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Default Melchior growing into his therapy dog role

Yesterday I went to have my blood drawn. Melchior came along as he does to all my medical appointments. When we finished, we walked out into the waiting room filled with a dozen adults there for various tests.

Immediately Melchior started going round to to greet people and give them individualized attention. One elderly woman with oxygen tubes running from the oxygen tank on the back of her wheelchair into her nose sat quietly in a wheelchair beside her husband. She seemed checked out, as if trying to endure the next ordeal on her journey.

Melchior went right up to her and nuzzled her hands clasped in her lap.

As if coming back to the present, she began petting him.

"He's just what I needed this morning," she said, and thanked me for allowing him to visit with her.

Then Melchior moved to another woman who'd just sat down. Middle aged, she appeared much sturdier than the first. He put his front paws on her lap and began nuzzling her neck. "That's just what my Johnny used to do," she said, laughing.

Melchior then approached an older man who was standing a bit off from the others, appearing not too interested in the proceedings. Melchior jumped up on him and cried a little. I scolded him for jumping up. The man bent down to pet and praise him. "I don't mind a bit," he said.

As with his predecessor therapy dog Baltho, Melchior seems to know just what people need. If I relax and let him, since he can be as rambunctious as most puppies. But he never is in such situations.
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