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Default Thank you Jordie

I suppose we all have a time to go, some are easier than others.
You are right, it was quick and for him painless, it's me that is dealing with the way he was ripped from my life, in a quick and hasty way..especially when i didnt expect it.
Thank you for your wise words, I appreciate it,
Pema xxxxx

QUOTE=jordan]Dearest Pema,
My thoughts are with you.
Your darling boy knows you are still in shock, and wondering if you made the right choice. But for Him it was the best plan to go with as it was fast and you didn't have to take him home and watch him suffer. He didn't want you to spend weeks agonising over wether he was in pain, or wether he was suffering. He didn't want YOU to suffer the long sad decline of his health.
He was one smart Boy.
He will be waiting for you when you are ready to cross the bridge.
All my love
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