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First--call me Stephanie. Although, I do like to fancy myself the "Norma Rae" of the Midwest. Second, where to start with your very thoughtful response?! Perhaps start with the ending--I love the imagery you've conjured with the apple tree. Are you creating your own tree of knowledge of "good and evil"? And if so, what does that mean actually and/or metaphorically? In any event, I love it!

I wish this idea was something that I "was onto." I'm late to the party here; this research was conducted in '71--before I was even incarnate this time around! Anyone know of other similar studies?

I am intrigued by not only the idea that plants may be of ET origin (as we humans are likely as well), but more importantly that reconnecting ourself to the sanctity of nature is the key to our connection (or reconnection?) to all those other sentient beings in other universes and dimensions. I mean...that is a phenomenally simple and revolutionary idea, no?!

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