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Norma Rae, I think you are on to something major. This goes along with some powerful dreams I had a few years ago. In the dream, I was reading a book about Jesus and feeling a lot of spiritual energy. Then I was in southern India. I met this white woman who was living in a spiritual community. She knew about auravedic remedies. She asked me which herbal formula I wanted to take. I told here that I wanted to get in touch with ETs. She went into her house and opened a cabinet that contained a silver colored bottle. She gave it to me and I drank it. I immediately felt ET energy. Then I woke up.

Years ago, when I took LSD, I intuited that the ergot fungus that LSD was synthesized from comes from outer space. In one of Lynn Andrews books, she said that stinging nettles were brought here from another planet. This summer, I plan on gathering stinging nettles and making a tea of them following the instruction of Michael Phillips book about organic orcharding. I will spray this tea on my apple trees. Maybe through doing this the apple trees will act as a condiut and open an interdimensional portal. Through the grace of the goddess Danu and the higher energies, I intend to go through the portal into another realm. Maybe it might be Avalon, where beautiful maidens dance around trees that grow golden apples.
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