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Good morning Joanne (and all),

It is my good fortune that Tias is actually my teacher with whom I study in person anytime he comes to Chicago, and--for the last two summers--in Santa Fe where his home and studio are. I received my 200-hr yoga teaching certification from him and his school (Prajna) last summer in Santa Fe. Of course, Tias is a teacher to many all over the country and the world. You should look at his schedule. Maybe he will be coming to your neck of the woods sometime for a workshop and intensives?

Tias's teachings are grounded in Buddhist philosophy. His teacher trainings do not just cover the asana part of yoga (which is only one part of the 8-fold path), but also meditation, chanting, Buddhist/Vedic philosophy as well as poetry (often times in his trainings, we'll talk for over an hour about a poem or a koan) and anatomy. He's amazingly brilliant, quietly funny, a really good teacher (which is so rare), and a very gentle soul who is down-to-earth and easy to talk to.

I encourage you all to explore Prajna yoga and take a class/workshop with Tias (and/or Surya, his wife) anytime he is in town near your home (or, even better, get ye to Santa Fe!).

Namaste from the Midwest and two hands together _/|\_
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