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Ok Rick....I'll go!

I have had several distinct Kundalini experiences and also more frequent, milder variations of it.

The first one when I was about 10 years old. Of course I did not know what it was when I was 10, but looking back on that experience after having some more intense ones in adulthood I think that that was probably when it first awakened.

For me the more mild movement is a gentle and involuntary seems to be forward and backward...not side to side. That happens often in my meditations.

The more extreme is the slight rocking followed by a burning sensation going up the spine. It actually does hurt or more like it is uncomfortable but with that comes feelings of unconditional love and euphoria. That is when the visions come of beings in white light. Also, the first time that happened I had energy centers in the front of my ankles open just before the burning in the spinal column. By that time I had felt every one of my Chakras open, during meditations or when giving readings, including some that most people don't work with, but I had no idea that we even had energy centers in the front of the ankles, so that was a surprise.
The burning sensation will last for about 1/2 hour or so, but the euphoria can last 24 hours. Everytime you take a breath in through your nose it is bliss. Also, usually everything in my vision...with my two eyes, not my third eye... is heightened. All the colors are more vivid and everything is sharper.

AND I drugs involved!! LOL
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