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Default The Big Elephant

The Big Elephant
by Deb Abbott

Looking up to the sky, The Big Elephant thought,
"What a fog this is, what a messy fog."
The humidity was so thick she couldn't scrape it
With her heavy tusks. There was no seeing where
She was about to go. Only a "feeling", a moving feeling.

Then, she allowed herself to move within the fog,
No longer resisting, she found that she could then
Manuever in the mists, blindly yes, but more sure
Of her way within the fog than in fighting it.
So, she drifted in the fog and allowed "IT" to guide her.

In her surrender, she found that she seemed to be "floating",
But she was not within the waters, so her "floating"
Was more of a mindset than in a physical sense.
Floating then, she allowed herself to let go of the Rock
Upon the River Bank and just allowed herself to flow...

With the River of Life...

And Flow she did. Round and round another bend
Did she find herself. It was getting easier to just trust
The River. She had given up all visions of what she had
Hoped to find. She was now just allowing herself to
Become one with the being of the River.

And then it was that The River began to speak to her
Directly, did she hear! "There are not many rivers that
Can carry The Big Elephant to which she is destined to go."
I, being The River, now speak to you to say, I am honored
To be your medium in which to place you where you go.

In that instant, The Big Elephant and The River became One
In their Union of Purpose to proceed. Simple then, it became.
The Big Elephant softened in her stature as did The River in its flow.
Together they matched each other's energy in motion and then
Became One in their beings...simply flowing.

It was in this flowing that one lost themselves in the other
And there suddenly was no destination to go, to find.
In that moment, The River ceased to flow and The Big Elephant
Ceased to stand. There was no longer a destinction between them.
For in there becoming ONE, they immediately created a "New".

Now the "New" sprang forth in a dimension of its own.
Fresh and clean with its energetic being, dancing all about.
The Big Elephant and The River then became The New.
The New then directed the flow of The River to join with
The Walk of The Big Elephant in a manner of complete balance.

The Big Elephant and The River melted into The New....
It was then that The New began to sing in its vibration of Unities
A Triology of melodies to be played out over and over again.
It was then, when Time stood still and Listened.
That the Listening came forth to deliver.


Love, Deb
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