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Default Biological CETI

I am finally reading The Secret Life of Plants, and would not have guessed my study of this book would lead me to posting in the UFO/ET thread, but there you have it. There is a fascinating chapter entitled "Visitors From Space" in which the authors explore the experiments of L. George Lawrence. Is anyone familiar with this? Sometime in 1971, while he was following up on the revolutionary experiments of Cleve Baxter that demonstrate, through polygraph instruments, that plants can sense human thought/intention/pretense/etc, Lawrence stumbled upon communications with extraterrestrial intelligence through plants. It is simply amazing stuff! The plants were essentially acting as telegraphs of signals, code, and sequences that--due to the controlled environment of the experiment--could only have come from one source--outerspace. Here are a few selections from the chapter:

"Lawrence, who had not yet digested the knockwurst [sandwich], but had well digested the Backster effect, thought the signals might have been caused by his killing some of the cells in the sausage. Second thoughts reminded him that kosher sausage is biologically dead. As Lawrence checked his instrumentation, the audio, signal, to his amazement, continued to produce a distinct chain of pulses for over half an hour before the even whistle returned, indicating that nothing more was being received. The signals had to be coming from somewhere, and since his device had been continuously pointed upward toward the heavens, Lawrence was faced with the fantastic thought that something or someone was transmitting from outer space." (p. 48)(emphasis in original).

"Pressed to speculate on the nature of the strange signals, Lawrence stated: 'I don't believe they are directed at earthlings. I think we are dealing with transmissions between peer groups, and because we don't know anything about biological communications, we are simply excluded from theses conversations.'" (p. 49)(emphasis in original).

"Lawrence's most important conclusions, that biological-type sensors are needed in order to intercept biological signals, applies particularly to communications from outer space." (p. 51).


Wow. The fundamental loss of our primordial connection to nature that we humans have caused and suffered seems to be blocking our ability to hear and communicate with those in other galaxies and other dimensions. Seems like the first step to establishing those lines of communication is to re-establish our innate connection and bond with mother nature here on Earth, eh? What a long way we still have to go in achieving that first step, don't we? But . . . I am nevertheless excited . . .

*Sigh* I think I am going to go hug a tree now!

Namaste from the chilly Midwest,

p.s. If anyone knows of similar experiments post Lawrence's 1971 discoveries, please let me know where I might find that material. I would sincerely hope that this important discovery was not buried and forgotten.
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