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Default Norma Rae

I must say "ditto" right back at ya, Steph! In between packing and preparing for my out of state move, I have to say your various posts on these Boards have surely stimulated my brain cells as well. So I thank you for that. Wish I had time right now to engage in discussion with you on all of them. Alas, I have to set priorities! LOL

I like your questions a lot. Off the top of my head, here's what's coming to me in response: (Also, I should preface this by saying that usually when I write, I do so on many levels of meaning in a metaphysical sense) J

An interesting "reversed theory" (money/capitalism/predator vs humans/prey). Most definitely another way to look at it. And that is what I love about us humans…depending upon where we are sitting (i.e., our experiences), our perceptions of the same thing can be different. It brings to mind a sample I like to use to demonstrate viewpoints. Lets imagine an elephant in front of us. It is what it is and represents only that. I am looking at this elephant from the side; you may be looking at it from the front; another may be looking at it from the back; and still another is gazing at it from the opposite side of me. The elephant remains unchanged, but because each of us are seeing a different view, our perception/opinion is different from each other's. My journey/experiences led me to view it from the side; your's from the front. Neither is right or wrong, its just a view of a portion of the whole elephant, but it is not the whole elephant.

Another thought that occurs to me regarding the "reversed theory", is that this (to me) implies giving over our power to someone/something else. And I think that this handing over of our power and control to another (be it government, capitalism, religion, etc) has been happening for many many years, and is what has brought us to experiencing what we are in the world today. But I am also observing that this is FINALLY changing; we can see it in all that is happening in the world. People are beginning to become aware of it and taking back their power and making their voices heard…or as Ghandi said "being the change we want to see". And this leads me to your next question…

While watching the DVD series, I felt its message was along the lines of the Darwinian theory (survival of the fittest). And on a 3D level in the plant/animal kingdoms, it probably is. I used that example to imply that subconsciously we humans have accepted Darwin's theory and unconsciously activated it in our own daily lives. But I firmly believe that we are spiritual beings having a human (form/matter) experience. And as a spiritual being, its all about vibration and energy, intention and creativity, which most definitely fits in with the Law of Attraction. In other words, Darwin's theory (unconsciously embraced by us into our lives) along with giving away our power to someone else (money/capitalism etc) vs spiritual beings in human form utilizing their own power to create the reality they want via Law of Attraction.

And the beauty of it is, that all life forms have a purpose along with a subtle connection to each other for the good of the whole. If we can train ourselves to discover that connection and learn from each other, we can enhance ourselves/Souls and our world through our creations for the good of all. Its like you said earlier in this thread, nothing external can make us happy or unhappy…only we determine that. And that again is choice, vibration, and Law of Attraction.

You're in Chicago, right? Home of my birth. When its Cold outside, I want to stay indoors. So maybe the COLD means Creating the Opportunity Leading to Discovery (inner) ? LOL

Blessed Be,
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