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One more thing. I walked into Sean's hospital room yesterday after going to work for several hours and Sean said look around. I looked around and stopped at the Nurse's board where they state their goals for Sean. The first line said, "Pain Management". The second line said, "Being my highest self!" with a smiley face after it. I turned to look at Sean and he said, "I asked my nurse to write that up there for me - to remind me to find my highest self in every moment." We just smiled at each other.

Last night after lights out, Sean was making all this noise and I said, "Shut the @#%# up!" This morning I apologized for not being my highest self last night. Sean said, "Oh? You were just being your "Medium" Self?" We just laughed.

Got to have that laughter. Hope you all make laughter in your life today!

Laughter and Love,
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