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Hi Steph

Yes, it does seem Insane, doesn't it? Yet the reality is (at least for now) is that money has been (I feel) 'created' as a Gift to us to assist in this game of survival.

Did you ever see the Planet Earth DVD series that came out a while back? It was beautifully video'd, detailing the lives of all the earthly kingdoms (bug, insects, plants, animals) and emphasizing that it was all about survival. Yet in a curious way, there is a balance to this, as those that did not survive had a purpose of nourishing their predator (whose purpose in some way helps to keep the planet surviving, for all is connected in the cycle of life). It has been this way for eons.

I have been perceiving for a while that this is slowly changing…that it is more about creating than it is survival. The planet and all its life forms are experiencing an evolution into a new way being, a new dimension. For me, I've found it very helpful to shift my perceptions of how I view all around me (as I mentioned in the above post). That old saying "all is not as it appears to be" is so true. I truly believe that we are each powerful creators, and just as we have created what we are experiencing now, so too can we create a better way for the good of all.

Would like to share with you a post I did under Creativity back in 2006. It kind of explains a little more what I'm attempting to say…

The Predator and The Prey

The deep green jungle is dense with foliage
The air is thick and heavy…
But the humidity causes not any spoilage

The rhythms and cadence of each and every sound
Finds the Predator ever alert…
As it distinguishes the insects and critters that abound

Relying on its gift of size, strength, and power
The Predator watches and waits…
Listening intently, for survival is the game of this hour

Ah, but the Prey too, is well aware of this game
Relying on speed, agility, and camouflaged markings…
It weaves through and around in the playing of same

To Predator and Prey alike, Mother Nature has uniquely blessed
And gifted both with talents…
To ensure the fittest of each survived within the quest

Now of Predators and Preys, there is another of which I speak
Who move about on the gameboard called survival…
In a sense, on a different level, yet the same goal they seek

The Predator “Man” was gifted with the mind
But often times allowed the Ego…
To hold sway, and rule over any find

Man recognized its Prey, what it needed to survive
So the Predator dubbed the Prey “Money”…
And went about assorted pursuits, in order to thrive

But the wisest of the Predators knew deep within
Of the mind’s connection to the soul, and Its purpose…
To go beyond preconceived notions while inwardly a-journey-in

And so, it was the wise Predator who overruled the Ego and saw
It was the Gift of discovering, recognizing and using one’s Talents…
That brought the "natural connection" to this source, the Prey, in humbled awe
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