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Default Today...

Latest diagnosis is "Cellulitis". As I recall, Sean had this on his left leg as well. Anyway, they are treating him for "Cellulitis" which boils down to more of the same of what they have been doing. Except now they are wrapping his leg and foot with an ACE bandage. He may get to go back to the facility tomorrow where they will continue the anti-biotics. Geez, he has taken so many anti-biotics, it is a wonder he hasn't built up an immunity to all of them. But hopefully, this will nip this infection in the bud. Then, we go back to Dr. Nana to set up appt for further surgery on his left foot and ankle.

I'm hoping one more night in the hospital and then a three day weekend to recoup. Looking forward to being "Home" again.

Thanking you all for your continued prayers and assistance.

Love you all,
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