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Was listening to part of an interview Shirley had in 2009 with Lester Brown (whom I believe is discussed in The Secret Life of Plants, which I am finally reading . . . wasn't there a "Lester Brown" from the 40s who had a jazz orchestra, too?). I've only made it about 15 minutes into the interview, but in that 15 minutes, Shirley comments on the insanity of how we all run around working and worrying and scheming to accumulate more paper (money) that has absolutely no intrinsic value anyway.

I've often thought this about money, but now it's not even paper. My thoughts/comments on this insanity often is that I (and everyone else) work to move numbers from one column in my online bank account to another column. And this transaction of moving numbers from one column to another has value because why? It's like I am stuck in some online game of just moving numbers around. Insanity!

Now . . .I am off to my job so that I can put more numbers in one of my columns. . . On the way there, however, I will at least finish listening to the Lester Brown interview.

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"I wasn't going to spend my life doing what had already been done." - Georgia O'Keeffe
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