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Default Update...

Hello my dear friends...
We got an update on the bone scan today. I appears that there is no "bone infection". Great news. However, the bone has not fully healed from the last surgery and has not adhered to the hardware thus causing the gap or pocket. So, after they find what is causing the swelling, Dr. Nana will have to perform another surgery on his right foot and ankle to scrape the bone and set it to adhere to the hardware.

Now to find the cause of the massive swelling of his foot, leg and groin area. They are thinking it is coming from the urinary track area and are bringing on the Infectious Doctor to help find the cause. They changed his cathetar which I learned today had not been changed since we have been at the new facility. They are taking an uncontaminated urine sample to do a culture on it to see what it shows.

In the meanwhile, Sean is on antibiotics and pain meds. He is napping now. I actually took a nap during the day - something unknown to me. I just couldn't go any further. Was short and sweet but helped a bit. Don't get much sleep in a hospital at night. But I choose to be here. Sean needs that right now and so do I.

Thank you all so very much for continuing to walk with us through this journey. We appreciate your prayers, your loving intentions and your energy work.

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