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Originally Posted by debabbott
Well everything was ruled out but, let me see if I can spell this, "peripheral edema". Yeah, just what I said, "Swelling in the lower extremeties". So, they put him on Lasiks. Sean's foot was still swollen when I saw him after work but he was much relieved from the earlier pain that he had been experiencing. So, we are grateful that there was no blood clot or kidney failure. But, we are still wondering what has caused this swelling all of a sudden.

Kata, are you reading this, do you have any input? Anybody else with any experience in this arena? I got Sean some knee socks that are made for diabetics and for circulation. We put those on and he said they felt so good. However, the swelling had started before that. We are still puzzled as to why he is having edema in his lower extremities at this time, as he has not had this before.

Anyway, he is feeling better and we are moving forward, as always. We are planning a home visit, possibly the end of the month. That would be great for the both of us. I have ordered a wheelchair ramp to accommodate Sean's visiting and as well, Sean and I have saved our money to buy a new Flat Screen TV for his visits. We are so excited to receive it.

In any case, both Sean and I are practicing being our best selves in any situation and Sean maxed it today as did I. We felt pretty good about that.
Thanking you all for your loving intentions that have left us with no reason for the swelling. We love that. Now, it will go down and we won't have to deal with that anymore. Being so grateful that it wasn't a blood clot or kidney failure.

Prayers at work again and miracles abounding. Loving you all for your continued participation in our healing journey.

Love, Deb

Hello Deb and Sean,

Glad to hear of your wonderful progress, once woke up with both ankles swollen and unable to walk, after many test in the hospital they found that I had a 'strep infection' that went untreated, apparently I had a sore throat that was not too severe, so I did not seek a doctor's help and the infection moved into my ankles, very strange. I could not walk for about a week and spent that long in the hospital, strange, had never heard of that before, hope it isn't Sean's problem.

So glad that to see a photo of the two of you, looking happy on Mother's Day, hope you have found out what the problem is by the time you read this, every blessing.

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