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I always knew that Sweetpea would be living within close proximity of me and Sean as in a triangle. That came to me many years ago but didn't realize it until "now". Isn't that the way it usually goes?

Yes, I felt the "energy" of her new home within close proximity. I knew it but wasn't certain of the pinpoint, right on place.

So, that first afternoon as we made our way through the availabilties of the apartments in the area, there was just something "missing" in what we were shown. Though we chalked them up as "possibilities", the certainty certainly wasn't there.

So, as I drove one last time around the perimeter of the field I felt was calling, I told Sweetpea that we had to venture into this place though the markings did not signify what she was looking for.

Wow, was the first breath from the both of us as we past beyond the entrance into what we would come to know as "Our New Wonderland".

Yes, the energy changed in an instant as we made our way from the "street" into this beautiful "complex". It seemed a "different" world in which we immediately found ourselves. Such a soft energy surrounded us that took us by surprise and certainly delight. We voiced to each other that we felt like we were in a "wonderland". And that "feeling" continues to this day.

This place seems isolated within the city with its own wonderful energy. It is like driving into another world.

Think Ireland and fairies and you've got it. Think "magic" and fairytales and you are there. Yes, I am serious, this is exactly how it is. It is like a wonderland that one has always dreamed of and suddenly you are there in a heartbeat. In that moment of "wonder" it takes your breath away in perfect delight. Then comes the gratitude of somehow being chosen to find one's heart's desire by some unknown entity that favors you. Yes, that is the feeling. And the smile that addressed our faces could not be duplicated in any other experience.

The "feeling" tends to "HOME".

As Sweetpea and I shared this experience with Sean, his eyes lit up as he said, "Oh Mom, we are going to find our cottage there as well, so we can all be together again."

And yes, that is exactly right.

Charmed is a good analagy, to say the least.

I will leave it there.

Love, Deb
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