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Default the feminine!

Oh wow! . . . I cannot believe that I neglected to bring up the obvious water connection--the feminine! Duh! Not until I was listening to the latest Independent Expression Radio show with Kelly Sullivan Walden when Shirley and Kelly discussed the connection of the feminine (yin) to water did I realize that I completely left this out of the discussion here! Again I say to myself--duh!

Is our primordial attraction to water and waves connected to our search to rediscover the feminine in each of us, and, the feminine in this crazy world we live in today that seems to have forgotten/neglected/abused her? Is it time to reconnect this metaphorical (or is it metaphorical at all?) umbilical cord to the goddess and get the rebalancing on with already?! (Aside: Now . . . If we are going to discuss the goddess . . . I am going to have to bring up my partner's former professor, mentor, and dear friend [mine too], Patricia Monaghan, who recently passed--what an amazing woman--but left this world with a treasure trove of books on the goddess! Anyone want to read one of her books with me?)

. . . so . . . yup . . . this discussion may take a while to fully explore before we can move onto another topic in The Camino.

Would love to hear others' perspectives!

Namaste from the springy Midwest!
"I wasn't going to spend my life doing what had already been done." - Georgia O'Keeffe
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