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O.K. Steph, here goes my take on this (although I don't think I can come close to your insights).
You quoted Shirley as writing that all she needs in life is "good shoes, a loyal stick and pure water." I would say that was all she needed to walk the Camino but certainly not all we need in life. Of course, I would agree with the water because as we know, we wouldn't get far without that. Water is life. I loved reading all of the references you pointed out regarding water.
Do you think most, if not all, humans feel an affinity for water? In particular---listening to a stream, gazing at a waterfall, standing by the ocean and meditating on the waves, or just enjoying the fountains in Vegas? Why is that, do you think? Something in us seems to respond on a very deep level. It seems to have another meaning for us other than just survival.
You know, I've never thought so much about water as I have just now!
Love reading your thoughts and anyone else who might wish to join in!
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