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Lura and Kata,

I absolutely agree with your perspective, and I am certain Shirley does as well as she quite often challenges others (in interviews and elsewhere) with considering otherwise horrible circumstances as opportunities to learn and grow and balance otherwise unbalanced karma.

Here are a few lines from The Camino that recall this philosophy:


"In other words, surrender--surrender to the knowledge that within myself was the balance of masculine and feminine and the ability to find joy in whatever occurred. All of life was a lesson in self-knowledge. The more knowledge we have of ourselves, the more we are able to deal with anything." (p. 117)(emphasis added).

From John the Scott: "Remember then that one drop of joy that you create transforms oceans of negativity." (p. 183).


Certainly we learn the most from those in our lives who challenge us the most--even when such challenges are particularly hostile. Carlos Castaneda's don Juan calls them your "petty tyrants," and when you meet your petty tyrant, one should throw a flippin' party because this person will be such an opportunity to learn and grow. The concept is not unusual in Buddhist teachings as well. I've got my petty tyrant. I bet you do, too! Let's party! I'll bring the cherries . . .

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"I wasn't going to spend my life doing what had already been done." - Georgia O'Keeffe
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