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Talking I concur!

Originally Posted by Kata0
On the various blogs about Sachi/Shirley's new chapter, I have expressed my fierce defense of Shirley....and after much thought I realized that spiritually Shirley has scripted this for herself to travel through as we all create the events in our life for the growth of ourselves and others. So my perspective on this story has evolved to understanding that all events occur for a reason and spiritual growth occurs from them...especially when one is Shirley. So Im thinking that ultimately this event has a kiss of divinity on strange as it may sound. It HAS to be part of the beautiful karmic dance we all do with our soul group. So my perspective has evolved a bit on this...and again I have to thank you, Shirley, for inadvertantly being the catalyst for my growth.

I completely agree with you, Kata .... (not that that maters, lol, but you know ... at least it proves I'm reading the posts, HA!). My perspective is evolving in this same direction. And I truly believe that EVERY event has the "kiss of divinity" on it ... it just may take time and patience and openness on our part to remain in the cracked space in order to let the light shine through ...

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