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Default lessons from the past

Friends, Joanne asked "Do you (or anyone here) have thoughts about what we can do with the bits of information that we may remember from past lives? Can we learn from this?" . . . I just finished reading The Camino, and what a great question to transition from a discussion about Out on a Limb to The Camino, but let's not stop this thread just yet. I underlined many thoughts in The Camino on what one might do with past life information:


"Did imagination begin at the moment of creativity, or was it based on previous experiences and some kind of forgotten knowledge that my soul was communicating to my mind?" (p. 217).

"Everything each of our souls had experienced through millions of years was still a part of our genetic memory. We had been both male and female, because in the beginning we were a reflection of the soul that was divinely both." (pp. 244-45).

"Was what we called imagination truly based on soul memory? Would we ever know the truth of our soul's past and therefore dream a more magnificent future? Would we learn to trust that once, billions of years ago, the Divine Spirit had been lonely and created us into being, to live as a family of children who loved the Deity with all our hearts and all our souls and our neighbor as ourselves? I pulled out my gold cross and held it tightly. Yes, I could imagine such a thing." (p. 302).


Is this too much to start with? Perhaps, but let's keep this thread going here with a discussion on what do we learn from our past lives and why learn it at all?

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"I wasn't going to spend my life doing what had already been done." - Georgia O'Keeffe
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