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Default Cherries on the Camino

Friends . . . I just finished The Camino (wow! we'll have to have a "book club" thread on that book), but--if you will recall--there was an amusing and interesting interlude with cherries that Shirley had during her journey. See below:

"In Cacabelos I stopped at a small store. The owner came out, offered me some wine and food. I took a few cherries. He then offered to send on whatever I felt was too heavy. I gave him some clothes and my precious packages of film. . . . I never received the clothes or the film. But what film could possibly do justice to what I was seeing in my visions anyway? . . . Half an hour later, I had diarrhea from the cherries. . . ." (p. 220)(emphasis added).

First, the unfortunate digestive event and the subsequent event with an individual asking for Shirley's autograph in the middle of it all is a comical interlude in this amazing journey (although, certainly not comical at the time, I am sure). But as I type this, I see a deeper symbolism with the cherries. The cherries seemed to act as a purging catalyst for Shirley--not just physically. Upon ingesting the wine and cherries (accepting an offering of sustenance similar to the Biblical offerings of bread and wine at communion?), she purges herself of one of her most precious attachments--her film. The purge of the attachment was permanent as she never received the film as promised. And the physical purge of the cherries later seems to capture the pain of our attachments. And relief comes only when we let go of those attachments? What do you think of this interpretation?!

Now . . . how do we continue this association with cherries to this website and to being a "cherry head"?

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