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I just so love these pics. How wonderful Sean looks now. As Peg said, a year ago, Sean was just skin and bones. Now, after Momma's cooking and his physical therapy, he is so filled out, muscular, and supple. He is doing so well. And I know this swelling is just a little set back that we will find is easily treatable.

He asked today if I could bring the live plant from his bedroom and put it in his room now. Made me realize I need to make his room there more pleasurable for him where he is "now" rather than the room where he will be when he comes home. So, I will be taking the lucious ivy plant and plant stand as well as his favorite poster of John Lennon making the peace sign. He loves John Lennon and the phrase, "Let it Be" as well as the song, "Imagine".

My son continues to "teach me" everyday to be more sensitive. And I am enjoying becoming more conscious and aware of my own experience within this life potential.

I love the knowing that I have "created" this experience in my life with my son to experience all and to learn all that I can from this experience so as to be the best I can be in any circumstance. My son is assisting me in being the best that I can be.

We are all so connected and assisting each other to be the best that we can be.

Don't ya love thinking about life on those terms. Makes so much more sense to me.

And then I could get into the alternate realities in our multiverse experiences
that we are experiencing many different lives at once. But the most important thing, at this moment, is what we are learning and growing to our best self in this moment. Certainly it is where our "focus" is at this moment.

So, let us all strive to be our best selves in this moment where we find ourselves in whatever circumstance we are in.

Love, Deb
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