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Default Need some help here!

Sean is experiencing swelling in his lower extremities and we don't know what that is caused from. Whether it be blood clot or kidneys, it is causing him great discomfort. They are working now to do all they can to find out the cause.

Could use an extra dose of healing energies and intentions for Sean's highest good!!!

We had a wonderful day today. I took sirloin steak, loaded potatoes and aspargus for our "Mother's Day" Lunch. We watched, "Trouble with the Curve" movie with Clint Eastwood. Then we put together the Herb Garden that Sean got me for Mother's Day. It was a wonderful day.

He has been doing so well except for the UTI infection. We haven't experienced this swelling before though. So, thank you, each and everyone for continuing to join us along this healing journey.

Love you all,
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