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Much love pouring out to you and your family (Shirley) right now. How perfect 3am was her hour to transition as it is a number of completion, the Trinity and Divine Love. Your Mom and Dad were complete with each other and had so, so much love between them. Hours upon hours WF used to share this with us in chat and it was always so endearing to me that love could be this special between two people and for so long (he also spoke a lot about his love for his kids). I felt blessed just being a part of the conversation.

Even though very sad to think that BJ has left as well, the first thing that came to me were all those stories WF shared, his love and how they are once more together again. They were both so blessed to have such a full life of love with each other and their family/friends and it is comforting to know that they are together again.

Much love to you, Brit - There simply are no other perfect words I can give you but the sincerity in my heart and prayers that all you need for healing is there for you and your family.

Better be happy now....

"The Boy's Gone" Jason Mraz
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